The Z Beans Stories

Laborious Work - Step 1 of Processing Coffee Beans

This article discusses, in thorough detail, the first stage of processing a coffee plant. Here, we will discuss the process from coffee cherry to dried husk. This process is told through the point of view of a hard working Ecuadorian.  

A Coffee Plant's Dream - Four Important Factors for Growth

In Ecuador, you have moderate temperatures at altitudes as high as 7,000 feet. One of Z Beans' farms, the farm of Milton Rivadeneira, sits at 7,200 feet in elevation. His plants never experience frost bite and have grown to be robust and free of disease. Furthermore, his coffee plants, which are grown at these high altitudes, produce a denser bean due to less oxygen. These denser beans have more concentrated flavors. 

Amazing Farming Machines - Coffee Harvesting & Coffee Process

Amazing Farming Machines - Coffee Harvesting & Coffee Process If you've ever been curious how Ecuadorian coffee is made.. As you...

In Good Faith

The answer is no. However, businesses don't see it that way. The 'C' market for coffee just fell below $1, meaning businesses are purchasing coffee for less than $1 per pound. Economists have found that, relatively speaking, farmers need $1.25 per pound to 'break even.' So, what are they doing now that they can't? They aren't finding new forms of employment. Coffee is all they have ever known. I encourage you to take a look at this article here: Hidden Suffering. You'll get a small glimpse of what it's like to work in a coffee plantation. 

An Empathetic Leader

So, as I strive to become an empathetic leader - one who resonates and understands everyone - I realize it’s impossible. However, the more I focus on the concept of empathy, the better leader I become. Because, while I know I’ll never walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I also know they’ll never walk a mile in mine...

Constructive Criticisms: Facing Our Problems

As I continued to listen, I reflected on one particular message - the importance at living at peace with everyone. 

What does that mean? At peace. Is my inability to live at peace the very factor that drives me? If I live at peace, what must I sacrifice? 

I continued to ponder this statement as I walked out of church..

An hour into my thoughts, my father, who has always sent me inspirational quotes, sends me an unrelated text message:

"Face your problems - don't hide from them." 

Immediately, it hit me. 

Z Beans' biggest critics are the ones who actually help me the most. I don't have to go out and find my problems - they tell me.