Angel Morena & Manuel Sanchez

We met Angel Morena and Manuel Sanchez while visiting the plantation of another one of our farmers: the Jaya Family. In an act symbolizing the cooperative nature of the Ecuadorian culture, the Jaya Family asked if we’d be willing to purchase some of their friend’s high quality products as well. Together, we all visited Angel and Manuel’s plantation. The plantation had the sweetest, juiciest oranges enveloping their healthy coffee plants. After we roasted and brewed up a sample of their coffee, the citrus notes were immediately evident, and the aftertaste left the strong chocolate flavor that we love. The first 500lbs of Angel and Manuel’s coffee arrived to the States in August of 2019. 

  • Location

    Las Lajas, Loja, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    3,300ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Washed Processed

  • Flavor

    Citrus & Dark Chocolate

  • Other Crops

    Oranges, Bananas, Plantains