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Our Mission

Empowering impoverished Ecuadorian coffee farmers through fair-trade importation methods

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Z Beans Coffee


We are pioneering the trade of coffee from El Oro, Ecuador, into the United States. We have begun laying the ground work for a cooperative in the region, so farmers can sell their specialty products on a global scale.
Z Beans Coffee


As a student-start up, Shane built the Z Beans brand from scratch. He began our roasting career with a popcorn popper. We now use a chicken rotisserie roaster. We will continue to find innovative ways to add value to Z Beans products.
Z Beans Coffee

Giving Back

We ensure our farmers receive fair trade prices and 40 pounds of organic fertilizer for every 100 pounds of coffee we buy. We are committed to improving their livelihoods with sustainable solutions.

The Story

A Mercer On Mission trip during the summer of 2016 spurred an improbable friendship. Shane Buerster, a 20-year-old student at Mercer University, and Arturo Penaretta Romero, a 65-year-old Ecuadorian, set up a complex supply chain, pioneering the trade of coffee from El Oro, Ecuador, to The United States. The initial shipment of 4,000 pounds arrived on August 17, 2017.

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