Beronica Benalcazar

We first met Beronica, Milton Rivadeneira’s Niece, at Milton’s plantation in the summer of 2019. There, we learned about Beronica’s farm and her interest in partnering with us once her plants had matured. Two years later, the summer of 2021, this goal came to fruition. Beronica, like all of our other farmer partners, sent a sample of her harvest to Arturo in Zaruma. Arturo classified, roasted, and cupped Beronica’s coffee and truly enjoyed it. With a similar Arabica variety as Milton, Beronica’s washed processed coffee is very consistent with bold, chocolatey notes. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Beronica, and we look forward to connecting her to you for years to come!

  • Location

    Santa Blanca, Maldonaldo, Carchi, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    5,400ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Washed Processed

  • Flavor

    Caramel, Dark Chocolate

  • Other Crops

    Bananas, Oranges, Exotic Plants