José Capa

We first met Jose at the processing facility in Piñas, Ecuador, during the summer of 2018. Jose brought in his natural coffee to peel at the facility. Upon peeling, a fresh, powerful smell radiated throughout. It’s very difficult to find high quality natural processed coffees in Ecuador, so we knew this was the perfect partnership. We visited Jose’s farm and met his young daughter and wife. We were able to see Jose’s plantation and drying methods. He had cacao beans underneath his tarp where he was drying his coffee, symbolizing the power of micro-lot coffee plantations. The first batch of Jose’s coffee arrived to the States in August of 2018. 

  • Location

    Nalacapa, Moromoro, Piñas, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    3,500ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Washed, Honey, & Natural Processes

  • Flavor

    Dark Chocolate

  • Other Crops

    Cacao, Oranges