Herman Ochoa

We first met Herman at the processing facility in Pinas, Ecuador, during the summer of 2018. Herman came to process his coffee at the same facility where we were peeling our own coffee. We paused so Herman could begin peeling. As soon as he started, we saw his beautiful green coffee beans. The fresh fragrance was extremely powerful! Immediately, we knew this was a coffee that we had to take back to The States! The first batch of Herman Ochoa’s coffee arrived shortly after we met, docking at the port of Savannah in August of 2018.

  • Location

    San Pedro, Piñas, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    4,000ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Washed Processed

  • Flavor

    Dark Chocolate, Toffee

  • Other Crops

    Cacao, Oranges, Lemons, Bananas