Alfredo Ochoa

Alfredo was one of the first farmers Shane interviewed during his Mercer On Mission trip in the summer of 2016. Alfredo spoke about the growth his plantation had undergone in recent years, and how he was committed to producing only the highest quality coffee. The only problem? A lack of demand for coffee in Ecuador. Fast forward one year: Shane returned to Alfredo’s plantation with Arturo. The three walked all throughout the beautiful rows of coffee plants, observing the fruits of Alfredo’s labor. In August of 2017, the first batch of Alfredo’s coffee arrived to The States. 

  • Location

    Curitejo, San Roque, Piñas, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    4,200ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Honey Processed

  • Flavor

    Sweet, Milk Chocolate

  • Other Crops

    Cacao, Oranges, Lemons