The Z Beans Stories

Z Beans Origin Stories Part 28 - Turning Back The Hands of Time

If I could turn back the hands of time, I would create an open dialogue with Arturo about money. I never thought money would be such a divisive part of our relationship, but I've also never had to worry about money. I've realized that my inability to fully empathize with Arturo creates barriers. However, if we can communicate effectively, we can overcome these barriers...

Finding a Way - Step 5 of Farm to Cup

We challenge you to ensure you know the hardworking individuals behind your cups of coffee. As we hope our farm to cup series has showed, it's possible to know exactly who your farmer is. However, it takes time, effort, and hard work from all individuals involved...

Home Sweet Home - Step 4 of Farm to Cup

Minutes later, I see Shane fly out the door. The container has finally arrived. Now, the fun part - loading up each of these sacks - one by one - into the container. The catch is - You only have an hour to do it. The driver needs to be at the port of Guayaquil by mid afternoon, and it takes quite some time to get there. 

Attention to Detail: Step 3 of Farm to Cup

This blog is told from the point of view of Mrs. Marie Paredes, the wife of Fabricio and the daughter of the original owner of the processing facility in Piñas, Ecuador. Mrs. Marie talks about the second and third machine at the processing facility. These machines peel and grade the coffee!

Victory Loves Preparation: Farm to Cup - Step 2

We follow the truck for the first part of the trip, stopping at all the police blockades, helping the drivers explain to the policeman what we are doing. There aren't many other exporters pulling coffee from all over Ecuador, so we must have all of our documents organized. The police are on high alert due to contraband frequently coming in from Colombia and Peru. 

Laborious Work - Step 1 of Processing Coffee Beans

This article discusses, in thorough detail, the first stage of processing a coffee plant. Here, we will discuss the process from coffee cherry to dried husk. This process is told through the point of view of a hard working Ecuadorian.