The Z Beans Stories

An Empathetic Leader

So, as I strive to become an empathetic leader - one who resonates and understands everyone - I realize it’s impossible. However, the more I focus on the concept of empathy, the better leader I become. Because, while I know I’ll never walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I also know they’ll never walk a mile in mine...

Constructive Criticisms: Facing Our Problems

As I continued to listen, I reflected on one particular message - the importance at living at peace with everyone. 

What does that mean? At peace. Is my inability to live at peace the very factor that drives me? If I live at peace, what must I sacrifice? 

I continued to ponder this statement as I walked out of church..

An hour into my thoughts, my father, who has always sent me inspirational quotes, sends me an unrelated text message:

"Face your problems - don't hide from them." 

Immediately, it hit me. 

Z Beans' biggest critics are the ones who actually help me the most. I don't have to go out and find my problems - they tell me. 

With The End In Mind

I'm sitting at my office in the Mercer Innovation Center, and I receive an email from a potential customer I had met with months prior. He tells me that he would like for me to come to his office. He never mentioned whether he wanted to discuss coffee, but I assumed we would. So, first thing the next day, I make my way to his office, hoping to solidify another Z Beans customer. I walk into his office, and as soon as he started talking, I realized this wasn't about coffee...

A Reflection In The Mirror

It reminded me of the first time I met him. The first time I yelled at him because he wouldn't stop walking so fast. The first time he invited me over to his house, and I had to ask Dr. Kiefer if I could go. The time we exchanged WhatsApp numbers, so we could talk on his daughter's phone. The time I bought Arturo his own phone when we sneaked over the boarder and into Peru.

Good Fortune

12 years later, I've not changed at all. I've simply discovered 'It.'. I never became the baseball player the young boy wanted to be, and I'll never be able to prove 'them' wrong. It's been hard, but I've come to terms with it, as God has helped me find my true calling. 

The Inevitable Balance: Life Without Coffee

On the flip side of the 'beginner's luck' coin, we have the instances where we work extremely hard, try something for the first time, and fail. We go back to the drawing board, figure out what we did wrong, and correct our errors. Our second attempt runs smoothly, and we are able to get the job done over and over again.