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Meet Our Farmer:
Napoleon Elizalde

Returning from a visit to the Loja region of Ecuador, Arturo, Carter, Fabricio, and Shane were driving a rental truck through the steep mountains. As they were passing through a small town, called Ciano in Puyango, Loja, Ecuador, the truck overheated, forcing them to stop. As they got out of the truck to ask the townsfolk for water to fill the radiator, Arturo, as he always does, took it as an opportunity to meet coffee farmers. While Napoleon Elizalde was not available at the time, the townsfolk gave Arturo his phone number. Two weeks later, Napoleon visits the Processing Facility in Pinas where the Z Beans team had the opportunity to analyze his product. After a few seconds of inspection, Arturo made the call. Napoleon needed to be a part of our team!

Napoleon's Coffee

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