The Z Beans Stories

The Mercer Innovation Center

I sit in my brown chair at my desk for my final blog here in the MIC, and I shed a tear. I have given this place all I possibly could over the past year and a half, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked here.  I will always be the biggest supporter of the MIC, as it allowed me to turn my vocation into a reality. I know the MIC will continue building more young entrepreneurs, and I hope those young entrepreneurs can look back on this place the same way that I can. 

The Next Big Idea

It hurt losing The Next Big Idea. I thought about it for many days and nights. Could I have done something differently? Now, thinking back on it, if I'd have won the competition, Z Beans would not be where it is today. Momentary satisfaction may have prevented me from taking a leap of faith - from giving me the fire to prove Z Beans is more than 'just coffee.' 

King Benjamin

From the next morning forward, I knew Ben and I would be good friends. I will always respect any man who can challenge my work ethic, and Ben did just that...

Roosevelt and Rose: The Z Beans Coffee Roasters

Another 35 hours later, Carter and I returned to Macon. This time with two coffee roasters. One Diedrich IR-12 and one 7lb Primo...

2018: A Year in Review

Carter and I are both grateful for the opportunities afforded to us in 2018. We have both learned a great deal about business and ourselves. However, we are excited to move on to 2019. A new year brings a clean slate - a set of new opportunities and a set of new obstacles. 

Persistence and Faith: Carter's Story

Persistence and Faith: Carter's Story “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” –...