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100% Recyclable Cups!

The Z Beans Way:

  • FEEL IT! Get your Z Beans Coffee fix with this incredibly smooth coffee.
  • REST ASSURED! Our organic coffees are thoroughly cleaned and processed twice before roasting.
  • TASTE IT! - Our high altitude coffees are grown between 4300ft. and 7200ft. above sea level. Our coffee beans are dense and flavorful with just the right amount of acidity to give it a fresh crisp taste and keep a smooth flavor.
  • CREATE VALUE! For every 100 lbs. of green coffee beans our farmers sell to us, we give them 40 lbs. of organic fertilizers.
  • BE THE DIFFERENCE! You are making a difference in the lives of farmers in Ecuador.

It's Inevitable...

Coming from small, family-ran farms, our coffees are shaded by orange trees, banana trees, sugar cane, cocoa, as well as other exotic fruits. The flavors intertwine and mesh beautifully. You'll taste a difference. You'll know you are drinking Z Beans Coffee. 

A Face Behind Every Cup...

With every bag of Z Beans, you receive a postcard with all of your farmers' information. Our farmers mean the world to us, and we are truly grateful for their friendships. It is our honor to connect them directly to you. 


Our decaf coffees are Swiss Water Processed. There are no harsh chemicals - it's freshly roasted in our facility - and it's 99.9% caffeine free!


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