The Z Beans Stories

Arturo's Role

By Shane Buerster

Now, four years later, we have come a long ways. From 65lbs of coffee to 27,000lbs of coffee - to... Read more

The Second Shop

By Shane Buerster 4 comments

Opening the second coffee shop was, by far, the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. Countless individuals... Read more

The Next Big Idea

By Shane Buerster

It hurt losing The Next Big Idea. I thought about it for many days and nights. Could I have done something... Read more

An Empathetic Leader

By Shane Buerster

So, as I strive to become an empathetic leader - one who resonates and understands everyone - I realize it’s... Read more


By Shane Buerster 1 comment

Night time rolls around. I have a tough time sleeping. I stay awake, imagining the day when I can easily buy all... Read more


By Shane Buerster

El Sexmo once produced a 3.5-pound gold nugget, which was given as a gift to the King of Spain. Because... Read more

To Whom Much Is Given

By Shane Buerster

To Whom Much Is Given High in the Andes Mountains, a farmer, his son, and an American selectively pick the... Read more