Ecuadorian Coffee in Macon Coffee Shop

To Whom Much Is Given

To Whom Much Is Given

Z beans Ecuadorian coffee story part 11

High in the Andes Mountains, a farmer, his son, and an American selectively pick the ripest coffee cherries from the Arabica plants. They balance themselves along the steep slope, gently placing each cherry in the bucket that dangles in front. The 1 o'clock hour hits; they have been picking for 6 hours. The farmer and boy never break concentration, but the 21 year old from Savannah, Georgia, can't last any longer. His stomach is growling, and his head is pounding; he needs food. He admits his inadequacy, and the farmer graciously smiles. He offers him an orange that hangs from the tree above...

The farmer looks up as the sun begins to hide. He notifies his child and the American that it's time to eat. The three make their way towards the house, trekking half of a mile back up the mountain. The three quickly wash up and make their way to the dinner table. The farmer's wife serves the farmer and child one piece of chicken. She serves the American three. He asks that the farmer have one more. But, the farmer insists that those are for him... 

After dinner, the American thanks the farmer and wife for the hospitality. He shakes the farmer's hand and hugs and kisses the wife on the cheek. He waves goodbye as the farmer and wife stand arm-in-arm and wave back. A long day worth of work for the American but a normal one for the Ecuadorians. Regardless, a job well-done...

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