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Z beans story part 8


Local Macon Ecuadorian Coffee Shop 8

 09/04/2017(10:36 AM)

“Hola Shane Buenos días. ¿Como te va? Por favor avísame si vas a comprar el café, perdona hombre lo que pasa es que necesito dinero ahora. Favor avísame gracias. Tenga un buen día.”

“Good morning, Shane. How is it going? Please, tell me if you are going to buy coffee. I need money now. Please, tell me. Thank you. Have a good day.”

09/12/2017(1:12 PM)

“Hola Shane Buenas tardes. Perdona la molestia buen hombre. Por favor si puedes comprar 4 quintales de café, de verdad lo siento mucho, pero necesito dinero de urgencia.”

“Good afternoon, Shane. I’m sorry for bothering you. Please, if you can buy 4 100-pound sacs of coffee, it would help me. I need money immediately.”

10/09/2017(9:18 PM)

“Hola Shane Buenas noches. ¿Perdona, pero puedes decirme por favor si vas a comprar más café? Muchas gracias.”

“Good evening, Shane. Excuse me, but can you tell me if you are going to buy more coffee? Thank you.”


My heart skips a beat. I think to myself, “Can I buy anymore coffee?” I know I can’t. I have to create demand. I have to sell product – I have to make money. I respond to each of the messages.


“Senor Ochoa, no puedo comprar más cafe todavía. Pero, voy a comprar mas pronto. Te prometí.”

“Mr. Ochoa, I can’t buy more coffee yet. But, I am going to buy more soon. I promise.”


Night time rolls around. I have a tough time sleeping. I stay awake, imagining the day when I can easily buy all of Mr. Ochoa’s coffee. I think of all the difficulties he and his family must be facing. Why does he so desperately need the money? What’s wrong?

I rationalize the situation in my head.

You must create something sustainable in The States, Shane. If you don’t, you won’t be able to help a single farmer. 12 is better than none.

I sit in silence, pondering my rationale.

I shut the eyes. The mind is at piece – at least for the moment.

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