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Farmer Variety Pack

Freshly Roasted • Ethically Sourced

From Milton Rivadeneira's plantation in Northern - Imbabura, Ecuador, to The Jaya Family's plantation in southwest - Las Lajas, Ecuador, all of our coffees have a distinct taste. 

With this variety pack, you will receive a 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee from the four farmers below, allowing you to taste the small nuances between our different coffees!

A few notes to consider: 

1. Milton Rivadeneira's coffee will be a washed processed, dark roast. 

2. The Jaya Family's coffee will be a washed processed, medium roast. 

3. Alfredo Ochoa's coffee will be a honey processed, medium roast. 

4. Ramiro Pauta's coffee will be a natural processed, dark roast. 

Basic Tasting Guide: 

Washed Process = Nutty, Dark Chocolate Notes

Honey Processed = Subtle Floral & Milk Chocolate Notes

Natural Processed = Smooth, Floral Notes

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Farmer Variety Pack