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Washed Processed Coffee

12oz. • Freshly Roasted • Ethically Sourced

Sweet. Crisp. Life Changing. 

Our washed processed coffees have a sweet, milk chocolate aftertaste that comes from incredible attention to detail by our farmers and a perfectly crafted roast.  

What is Washed Processed Coffee?

Washed coffee is your standard, bold, dark-chocolate coffee... After coffee cherries are selectively picked from the coffee plants, the cherries are rinsed thoroughly in buckets of water. After rinsing, the cherries are ran through a 'despulpadora' or pulp removing machine. Here, the cherries are removed, leaving a parchment with a viscous substance around it. The viscous substance is rinsed off and the parchment is placed on a drying bed. They will remain on drying beds until the appropriate humidity level is reached.

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Washed Processed Coffee