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Caffe Marie

Purchase your coffee in an authentic, Ecuadorian bag! The bag comes from our partner in Piñas, Ecuador, Caffe Marie. All bags will have 12oz of coffee!

We met Mrs. Marie and Mr. Fabricio during the summer of 2017. After seeing that they built all of the equipment necessary to process coffee, we knew we wanted to partner with them. Their processing factory is a two-story facility. The upstairs portion allows for farmers to easily back into the facility and drop off their coffee. The first machine the farmers use helps clean any rocks and debris that may be mixed with the coffee cherries or parchment. The coffee cherries are sent through a tube to the initial downstairs machine. The second machine peels the coffee, separating the bean from the coffee cherry or from the parchment. The third and final machine then separates the freshly peeled beans into three categories: the first category is the superior product that we send to The States. The second category is sold to local coffee shops in Ecuador, and the third category is used as fertilizer for next year's crops.

Other than the processing facility, Mrs. Marie and Mr. Fabricio also have a coffee business, Caffe Marie. Mr. Fabricio is a skilled barista. He makes some of the best lattes in all of El Oro. This bag gives you the opportunity to not only take home a piece of authentic Ecuadorian culture, but it assures you that you are making a difference! Try out a bag - You won't be disappointed! 

You can watch just how efficiently Mr. Fabricio's machines work by visiting the following links: 

Part 1: Preventing the Preventable

Part 2: Peeling the Coffee

Part 3: Three Grade Processing Machine

Thank you for supporting the Z Beans project! 

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Caffe Marie