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Honey Processed Coffee

12oz. • Freshly Roasted • Ethically Sourced

Sweet. Crisp. Life Changing. 

Our honey processed coffees have a sweet, milk chocolate aftertaste that comes from incredible attention to detail by our farmers and a perfectly crafted roast.  

What is Honey Processed Coffee? Similar to the common washed process, coffee cherries are selectively picked from the coffee plants, rinsed thoroughly, and ran through a pulp removing machine. However, unlike the washed coffees, the honey process does not remove the viscous substance on the parchment - rather, the parchment ferments for two days. After, the coffees continue to dry on drying beds until the appropriate humidity level is reached. By not removing the sticky, honey-like substance, the coffee is naturally sweeter, but this process is more intensive and does require more time to complete. 

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Honey Processed Coffee