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To place an order, select the items for purchase. The 16oz bags are for retail purposes. The 5lb bags are for use at the coffee shop. Specify the bag size as well as the blend.

The Axis Blend is a unique blend of Ecuadorian coffee, consisting of 60% washed coffee from the plantation of Milton Rivadeneira and 40% honey processed coffee from the plantation of Diego Jaya. 

The Decaffeinated coffee is a Swiss Water process, which eliminates 99% of all caffeine in the coffee without the use of harsh, bleaching chemicals. 

For any questions regarding the order: 

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Shane Buerster




Please note - the full price of the items are displayed for your accounting purposes. You will be billed via Quickbooks, where you will have a 30 day net payable terms. 

*Note - At Checkout, please type in the coupon code: The Axis 

The coupon code will discount your order entirely, and you will be billed via Quickbooks within 24 hours. 



Your items will be shipped within the next two business days. You will receive tracking information via email once your order has been roasted and packaged.  

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