Riobamba, Ecuador


The Cultural Segue of Ecuador

Riobamba acts as the perfect midway point for all things Ecuador. Located halfway between Cuenca and Quito, it is one of the most visited cities in the country. From Riobamba, visitors are able to venture out on outdoor excursions of many kinds, most notably, to Mt. Chimborazo where thousands of climbers show up every year to attempt to reach the summit.

This is exactly what we used Riobamba for, a halfway point between Cuenca and Quito, our route to Mt. Chimborazo. We stayed at Hotel Montecarlo, a small and quiet spot with a café where we ate breakfast the next morning before venturing off on a walk around the city.

Although Riobamba was not what we considered a destination point on our trip, the city is remarkably beautiful, full of life and color, and we were very glad that we decided to stop on our way to Quito instead of passing through.