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Constructive Criticisms: Facing Our Problems

Local Ecuadorian coffee brand in Macon Story

Constructive Criticisms: Facing Our Problems

Local Macon coffee shop story part 25

Carter and I work 100 hour weeks. I don't say that because I am looking for a pat on the back. I say that to show you just how much Z Beans means to us. When something means the world to you - when you give your all to something, it's hard to accept criticism. 

We are all fallacy ridden - none of us are perfect - we know that. But, for someone to criticize your work - for someone to denounce what you have worked so hard to build - it cuts deep. 


As I sat in church today, I listened to the pastor discuss the concept of whether or not a leader decides to be right or be light. Immediately, these thoughts jumped into my mind. I started thinking about the 1-star reviews on Google, the negative comments that have made their way back to me, and the individuals who have decided to denounce the very thing that means the most to me. 

I began reflecting on the times in which I first encountered the negative comments. I felt the anger once again - the confusion - the misunderstanding - and the hatred. 

As I continued to listen, I reflected on one particular message - the importance at living at peace with everyone. 

What does that mean? At peace. Is my inability to live at peace the very factor that drives me? If I live at peace, what must I sacrifice? 

I continued to ponder this statement as I walked out of church..

An hour into my thoughts, my father, who has always sent me inspirational quotes, sends me an unrelated text message:

"Face your problems - don't hide from them." 

Immediately, it hit me. 

Z Beans' biggest critics are the ones who actually help me the most. I don't have to go out and find my problems - they tell me. 

By understanding this simple message, the entire puzzle comes together. By understanding that the critics are here to actually help me grow, I'm able to live at peace. I'm at peace with them, and most importantly, I'm at peace with myself. I channel my energy into solving the problems laid before me. In doing so, I'm able to push Z Beans in the right direction. 

To be at peace with everyone is to face your problems and not hide from them. To face your problems and not hide from them is to be a leader. And to be a leader is to be a light - not the one who is always right. 

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