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Create Your Own Blend


*All bags are 12oz!

It's finally here! You can now create your own perfect blend of coffee!

From our monthly Roast Your Own Blend events held at our roasting facility, comes the idea of allowing you to craft your own specialty blend online! After you create it, we will fire up our small batch coffee roaster and roast your blend. It'll be the freshest, tastiest cup of coffee you have ever had. 

Here is some information that may guide you in your quest for the perfect blend: 

Washed Coffees: 

Washed coffee is your standard, bold, dark-chocolate coffee... After coffee cherries are selectively picked from the coffee plants, the cherries are rinsed thoroughly in buckets of water. After rinsing, the cherries are ran through a 'despulpadora' or pulp removing machine. Here, the cherries are removed, leaving a parchment with a viscous substance around it. The viscous substance is rinsed off and the parchment is placed on a drying bed. They will remain on drying beds until the appropriate humidity level is reached.

Honey Processed Coffees:

Honey processed coffee has a sweeter, milk chocolate taste... Similar to the washed process, the cherries are selectively picked from the coffee plants, rinsed thoroughly, and ran through a pulp removing machine. However, unlike the washed coffees, the honey processed does not remove the viscous substance on the parchment - rather, the parchment ferments for two days. After, the coffees continue to dry on drying beds until the appropriate humidity level is reached. By not removing the sticky, honey-like substance, the coffee is naturally sweeter, but this process is more intensive and does require more time to complete. 

Natural Processed Coffees: 

Natural processed coffee has a powerfully fruity taste... Unlike the washed and honey processes, the natural process does not remove the coffee cherry after selectively picking and rinsing. Rather, the coffee is dried with the cherry around it. This process requires more drying time. But, if done correctly, the natural process creates incredibly fragrant and tasty coffees!


Now, that you have all the information you need to craft the perfect blend, select the percentage of each process you would like. After doing so, be sure to specify in the notes section of the checkout page if you would like a certain roast type. The default will be a medium roast, as that will bring out all the flavors you are looking to taste! 

After you try your creation, be sure to let us know how it tastes. If it's really good, we may just have to name the blend after you and put it in our shops! 

When crafting your blend, make sure your percentages equal 100%! Please let us know if you have any questions:!

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