Milton Rivadeneira

Arturo first met Milton at a coffee conference in Ibarra, Ecuador, the fall of 2017. At the meeting, Milton told Arturo about his plantation and invited him to visit. A month later, Arturo and his family took a 15 hour bus ride to explore Milton’s farm in Imbabura. Fast forward five months, and Shane is in Ecuador. Arturo tells him all about Milton’s incredible plantation. The two waste no time and leave from Arturo’s home in Zaruma the very next day. After one sip of Milton’s coffee, Arturo and Shane knew it was meant to be. The first 5,000lbs of coffee from Milton’s farm arrived in the States in early August of 2018.

  • Location

    La Carolina, Imbabura, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    7,000ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Washed & Natural Processes

  • Flavor

    Citrus, Dark Chocolate

  • Other Crops

    Oranges, Grapefruits, Pitajaya