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Cold Brew Concentrate

Crisp & Refreshing - Our cold brew concentrate is steeped for 12 hours with our freshly roasted Ecuadorian coffee. The result - a concentrate with a bold, chocolate aroma and flavor unlike any other. 

You can dilute the concentrate at the ratio that works best for you. But, on the bottle, you will see that we have recommendations:

Normal Strength: 3oz of water to 1oz concentrate

Ultra Strength: 2oz of water to 1oz of concentrate. 

With our normal strength recommendation, you can make just over 10 12oz cups of cold brew with one of our 32oz Cold Brew Concentrate bottles! 

And, last but certainly not least, like with all of our coffees - you can scan your QR code on the side of your bottle to read all about the plantation from where the coffee in your concentrate originates!

*Please note - Bottles can be shipped individually or in cases of 12. 

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