Juan Delgado

We first met Juan Delgado (right) in October 2021. Ramiro Pauta was introduced to Juan Delgado at a coffee conference in Ecuador. There, Juan spoke with Ramiro about his Honey Processed Coffee and his unique drying methods. In late November 2021, Arturo and Shane were able to visit Juan Delgado’s plantation and see his drying processes first hand. Since his plantation is at a very low altitude, just over 500ft, Juan and his team use the breeze from the ocean to dry their coffee beans. Furthermore, Juan and his team have found other ways to leverage the resources available to them to create a truly premium product, including a natural irrigation system that allows them to overcome any droughts. Our first import of Juan Delgado’s premium honey processed coffee came in December 2021. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Juan Delgado and his team, and we look forward to connecting them to you for years to come!

  • Location

    San Lorenzo, Manta, Manabi, Ecuador

  • Altitude

    500ft. above sea level

  • Process

    Honey Processed

  • Flavor

    Nutty Caramel

  • Other Crops

    Papaya, Coconut, Pineapple, Oranges