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Meet Our Farmer:
Juan Carlos Acevedo

We first met Juan Carlos in January 2020. Juan Carlos hosted a cupping event at his plantation in Tandapi. There, we were fortunate enough to meet not only Juan Carlos and his team but other farmers throughout Ecuador as well. Juan Carlos and his family have owned and harvested coffee on their land for many years. Through hard work and dedication, they have been able to build quite the infrastructure, including a drying, processing, and roasting facility. At the facility, Juan Carlos and his team are able to ensure their coffees are of the highest quality. Furthermore, their facility enables them to ferment and process their coffees in many different ways, allowing them to produce Honey, Washed, or Natural processed coffees. Our first opportunity to import some of Juan Carlos’ prestigious coffee came in September 2021. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Juan Carlos, and we look forward to connecting him to you for years to come!

Juan Carlos' Coffee

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