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Meet Our Farmer:
Gonzalo Suin

Having lived in the El Oro region for many years, Arturo has had the opportunity to work with many farmers throughout the region for decades. Gonzalo Suin is one of those farmers! Located in Pinas, Ecuador, close to the plantation of Jose Capa, Suin’s plantation is beautiful. He has different varieties of Arabica plants and sufficient shade to slow the maturation process. He cares for his plantation unlike any other farmer we have seen, constantly carrying around his machete. After a catastrophic fire burnt down his home in 2018, we decided to help out any way we can, raising money for him and donating basic supplies that would make his 2019 harvest easier. One of those supplies - a new, sharp machete.

Gonzalo's Coffee

Gonzalo’s coffee is always one of the cleanest we purchase on a yearly basis. He takes great pride in maintaining his plantation and that is evident through each and every sip. His coffee is bold, yet smooth with relatively low acidity levels. Whether a medium or dark roast, Gonzalo’s coffee is always one of the best!

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