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A Vow to Return

A Vow to Return

While working for the well-being of others, we can sacrifice ourselves.


The summer of 2016, I told Anita and Arturo, as I left their house for the first time, that I'd return. A year later, I did - this time with a mission to build something that'd benefit us all - that'd allow me to come back each and every year. 

Something about being with Arturo - scaling the mountains of Ecuador, walking to the market, and enjoying the simple things in life - has always felt like home. 

One of my favorite things that we do is to simply sit around the dinner table at Arturo's home and talk. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we always find ourselves sitting together. It's in that moment that we have time for deep reflection and thoughts - it's at that table that we built Z Beans - it's at that table that I realized a 65 year old Ecuadorian man had more trust in me than I had in myself. 

Those moments feel like home because that is what home has always been. To this day when I visit my parents, we sit around the table, enjoying mom's cooking and dad's pearls of wisdom. It's at that kitchen table that I grew up - that lessons were taught - that childhood came and a young man left - that baseball blossomed and baseball died. 


As I sit in our office in the roasting facility, reflecting back on this journey, I don't think about how far Z Beans has come, rather I think about all those moments of simplicity and calmness that helped me get here. The times at Arturo's table - the late night phone calls to improve my Spanish. The times at my parent's table - the challenge from Dad to sell 10 bags a day. 

As I continue reflecting, I realize that it's the actual act of reflection that has strengthened my 'Why' - the purpose that allows me to log early mornings and late nights - the purpose that gives me confidence when problems arise - the purpose that now stands at the forefront of a company of more than 40 employees. 


However, over the past 3 months, I've neglected my own personal reflection time. I have not had the opportunity to write about the Coliseum shop, the upcoming Columbus shop, and the countless life lessons learned along the way. 

So, over the coming weeks, I vow to return, but this time it is for my own personal health and well-being, something I have sacrificed along the way. I am going to spend the time each weekend reflecting, as it strengthens my why and brings me back home. 

The following week's blogs will be part of a new series: A Vow to Reflect.

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