Regions in Ecuador

Learn more about the regions where our farmers grow their coffee!

El Oro

El Oro is not just the location of Zaruma and Piñas, it is also the home to six of our farmer partners! Known for its gold mining, it is the first region of Ecuador that Shane ever visited with Mercer on Mission.


Loja is a region in Southern Ecuador that is home to three of our farmer partners! This region is a popular retirement destination and is also home to a large number of sugarcane exporters.


Zamora, the southernmost province in Ecuador, is famous for its architecture and the large, working clock landscaped into the side of the mountain. It is home to our farmer partner, José Mayo.


Manabi is located on the west coast of Ecuador, home to two of our farmer partners. This region is a popular tourist destination for nature excursions.


Imbabura is a province in Northern Ecuador famous for the Cotacachi Volcano and its Lake and Culture District where several large lakes have formed in the mountains over the years—most notably, Cuicocha Crater Lake. Imbabura is home to our farmer partner, Milton Rivadeñeira.


Carchi is one of the northernmost provinces in Ecuador, famous for its gardens, architecture, and unique landscaping designs. It is home to Beronica Benalcazar, our first female farmer partner and Milton Rivadeñeira's niece.


Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is located in Pichincha. This province is known for its rich cultural and architectural heritage. It is also home to one of Ecuador's many volcanic sites as well as our farmer partner, Juan Carlos Acevedo.

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