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Natural Processed Coffee

Natural Processed Coffee

*All bags are 12oz!

Sweet. Crisp. Life Changing. 

Our honey processed coffees have a sweet, milk chocolate aftertaste that comes from incredible attention to detail by our farmers and a perfectly crafted roast.  


What is Natural Processed Coffee?

Similar to the common washed process, coffee cherries are selectively picked from the coffee plants and rinsed thoroughly. However, from here - the process differs! The coffee cherries are allowed to ferment for 72 hours in a wet tub or bucket. Then, the coffee cherries are spread out on drying tables and allowed to dry for multiple weeks. The natural process is more laborious than the washed process, as it requires a farmer and his team to frequently move the cherries to ensure they are dried thoroughly. Once the cherries are dried sufficiently, they are then bagged up and taken to the processing facility. At the processing facility, the cherries are peeled down, separating them from the green coffee bean. While the process is intense, it is fruitful. Literally! A natural processed coffee will have an incredibly fruity aroma and taste, normally taking on the characteristics of the additional crops grown at the plantation. 

This particular natural processed coffee from Milton's plantation is truly incredible. With notes of blueberry and citrus, expect a smooth, flavor packed punch each and every sip!


The Z Beans Way:

  • FEEL IT! Get your Z Beans Coffee fix with this smooth, medium roast.
  • REST ASSURED! Our processed organic coffees are thoroughly cleaned and sorted twice before roasting.
  • TASTE IT! - Our honey processed coffee is brought to life through incredible attention to detail. Each of our honey processed farmers are dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee possible, which you can taste in each and every cup!
  • SMELL IT! The extra fermentation with the honey processed creates powerful aromas - an aroma that you will immediately smell after brewing up your fresh pot! 
  • BE THE DIFFERENCE! At Z Beans, we invest in each one of our farmers. Through direct trade, we empower and reward the hard working families behind these incredible coffees.  

It's Inevitable...

Coming from small, family-ran farms, our coffees are shaded by orange trees, banana trees, sugar cane, cocoa, as well as other exotic fruits. The flavors intertwine and mesh beautifully. You'll taste a difference. You'll know you are drinking Z Beans Coffee. 

A Face Behind Every Cup...

Every bag of Z Beans has your farmer's information on the back. They mean the world to us, and we are truly grateful for their friendships. It is our honor to connect them directly to you. 


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Natural Processed Coffee