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Peru and Ecuador Trip 2018

Shane Buerster, the founder of Z Beans Coffee, discusses his trip to Laberinto, Peru, and the time he received the mirror from a local school boy in the city. The mirror holds two profound meanings.
Shane Buerster, the founder of Z Beans, talks about his trip to Laberinto, Peru. Shane explored the region, seeking a particular type of product in the region, Castana.
In search of more products to add to the Z Beans Coffee line, founder, Shane Buerster, gives his initial thoughts of Puerto Maldonaldo, a city located in the Madre de Dios region of Peru.
The Z Beans roasting and drying method is unlike any other! As a student, start-up company, you are forced to find innovative ways to produce a quality product. Learn more on the origins of a bringing organic commerce from Ecuador to Macon, Georgia.

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