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The Z Beans Difference: A Prologue

The Z Beans Difference: A Prologue

The Z Beans Difference: A Prologue

ecuador coffee bean company origin stories part 44 

"We need an invoice to complete the wire transfer."

"I don't have one. The coffee hasn't been purchased yet. They will use the money to buy the coffee first, then I'll receive the receipts from Marie and Fabricio." 

"How do you know these people?" 

"I've worked with them for over two years now. For accounting purposes, we utilize their bank account to purchase coffee. Accounting practices are different in Ecuador, so they can't be my exporter of record if they aren't the ones purchasing Z Beans' coffee." 

"I'll need to get my manager on the phone..." 


"We need an invoice to complete the wire transfer." 

"Sir, I don't have one. The coffee..." 

"How do you know these people?" 

"I've worked... Can you please just complete the wire transfer for me?"

"We have had a large amount of scams recently. We just need to ensure this isn't one." 

"It isn't. Please send the money." 


For the first time, Arturo, Marie, and Fabricio are going to purchase, process, and send 4,000 pounds of coffee without me being in Ecuador. It's a big step for Z Beans' long-term sustainability, and it is a big step for Arturo, Marie, and Fabricio as well. 

While the logistical work with purchasing coffee, processing the beans, and coordinating freight forwarders is moving forward, the simple task of transferring money from our bank to Marie and Fabricio's was incredibly difficult. However, the difficulty I encountered showed me just how fortunate I am - how fortunate I am to know three incredibly trustworthy people. 

My ability to trust them has created a business that benefits everyone involved. We don't have to rely upon a cooperative to oversee our shipment - we don't have to rely upon a cooperative to oversee the transfer of funds to farmers - we don't have to rely upon a cooperative to process our beans. Rather, Marie handles the accounting side, distributing money to Arturo to then purchase coffee. Fabricio coordinates directly with Enrique, a reliable Ecuadorian freight forwarder and friend. Arturo purchases coffee from the farmer, then processes the beans with Fabricio. Together, Marie, Fabricio, and Arturo prepare the bags for export and ship them off to Guayaquil. Once they are in Guayaquil, they are loaded onto the plane and shipped our way. 

Additionally, Arturo attends coffee conferences all over Ecuador, meeting new farmers. Thus, when I go down to Ecuador, Arturo and I visit these new farms, try their coffees, and open new sales channels for their products. 

For all three of them, I am extremely grateful. 


While I have written stories about each of them, I have never given them the opportunity to tell their own story. So, over the next three weeks, while Marie, Fabricio, and Arturo are working on preparing 4,000 pounds of coffee for export to the U.S., they are going to have the floor. 

I will post their blogs on Sunday afternoon, and you all will have the ability to learn about each of them. With that said, their blogs will be in Spanish. However, I will do my best to translate them to English. 

These next three weeks are a very special time for us - in more ways than one, and we plan on sharing some big news with you soon. However, I want you all to truly know the individuals that have believed in Z Beans from the very beginning - the individuals that are allowing Z Beans to make a difference. 

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