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Proceeds from the sales of our coffees will go to the front lines of combating hunger crisis and other needs among the underserved children in communities around the Lake Cumberland area!

We love good coffee. We love Lake Cumberland and the experience we share on and off the water. We also love the mission!

We have worked hard to find the perfect blend to capture the essence of Lake Cumberland. From the plantation of William Martillo in Manabi, Ecuador, and Ramiro Pauta in Malacatos, Ecuador, our custom coffee blend has a sweet, smooth, yet incredibly bold taste that you'll crave cup after cup. No matter where you drink it, the aroma of our unique blend will bring back those precious lake memories. 

And.... What figure to better represent us than the famous Billy? You'll find him at Little Difficulty Creek on Lake Cumberland, waiting to pose for pics, eat your leftovers, and help make some LCK memories. 

Our coffee is roasted and sourced by our partners at Z Beans Coffee. Together, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions for the hardworking coffee farmers of Ecuador and for the underserved here in our Lake Cumberland community. 

We thank you for your support!

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