Fabricio & Marie Paredes

Export Coordinators & Processing Managers

Since meeting Marie and Fabricio during the summer of 2017, they have played a vital role in our supply chain. As part owners and full time operators of the historic processing facility in Piñas, Ecuador, Marie and Fabricio process, grade, package, and ship all of our coffees.

Over the years, we have formed not only a great working relationship with Marie and Fabricio, but a great friendship as well. From exploring the beautiful city of Guayaquil to meeting Marie’s father, who started the processing facility over 80 years ago, we have created memories that will be with us for a lifetime. We are grateful to have them as part of the Z Beans family, and we look forward to many more successful imports in the years ahead!

The Processing Facility

The First Stop on the Way to You

The Processing Facility is owned and operated by Marie and Fabricio in Piñas, Ecuador. Built by Marie's father and uncles in the early 1900's, the historic facility is where all of our farmer partners bring their coffees to be processed and sorted before shipping out to the States.

Fabricio has also built a coffee roaster in the facility in which all of their Caffé Marie coffee is roasted before being sold! Caffé Marie is the small café operated by Marie and Fabricio right across the lot from the facility.