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Unroasted Coffee


Unroasted Coffee

Whether you roast your own beans or roast on a large scale, we are proud to serve you the freshest, highest quality beans we find from Ecuador. 

Our natural process coffee has a robust, fruity flavor that is sure to leave you speechless. Our washed coffees are extremely clean and have a consistent dark chocolate, fruity flavor. Depending upon your roasting style, you will be able to generate a taste for both coffees that is distinct from other coffees around the world.

All of our coffees are traced from their origin. With a purchase of any of our coffees, we will send the farmer's information, including farm location, altitude level, Arabica varieties, and other crops grown around the coffee. 

Processing notes: All of our farmers selectively pick the ripest cherries from each coffee plant. From there the farmers will process and dry the coffees on their farm. After the coffees are dried to 10-12% humidity, they are shipped to our processing facility in Pinas, Ecuador. There, the coffees are peeled and put into three separate grades. The highest graded product is imported into The States. After grading, the coffees are put into sacks and stored until delivery. Before leaving the processing facility in Pinas, Ecuador, all of our coffees are inspected by Ecuador's Agrocalidad, ensuring quality. 

You can find the cupping notes for our coffees in the pictures below! 

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