Special Edition Coffees

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Special Edition Coffees

Honey Processed Coffees

From the mountains in Palanda, Ecuador, comes an incredible honey processed coffee. Using normal washed processing methods, the farmers remove the cherry from the husk, which contains the bean. The farmers take the husk and soak it in honey for several days. After, the farmers let it dry!

Once dried, the husks are then peeled, leaving us with one of the most delicious coffees in the world: cafe miel, or as we know it - honey processed coffee. 

What to expect: The honey processed coffee is not overpowering. Rather, it has a subtle sweetness that removes any possible bitterness. The coffee is a lighter roast, allowing you to taste all of the natural sugars. You won't be disappointed with this one - we assure you of that!

Natural Processed Coffees

From high up in the Andes mountains in Piñas and Zaruma, Ecuador, comes a powerfully fruity coffee. Natural processed coffees are dried in the coffee cherry, thus absorbing fruity, rich flavors. 

You will very rarely find a natural processed coffee from Ecuador, but we have you covered! As we continue to grow demand for the natural bean, we plan to import more of the products. 

As with all of our Special Edition Coffees, they are available for only a limited time!