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Green Coffee Beans

For the at-home coffee roaster!

Washed Process

For Washed Processed Beans, the husks are removed from the coffee cherries. They are then cleaned thoroughly before being set out on drying tables to dry.

Natural Process

For Natural Processed Beans, coffee cherries are washed and then thrown directly on to drying tables or tarps to dry. The entire cherry will dry until it is peeled. A natural processed coffee will tend to have stronger flavors brought on by remaining in the cherry for longer durations of time.

Honey Process

For Honey Processed Beans, the husks are removed from the inside of the coffee cherry. The husks, unlike the washed processed, are then allowed to ferment for up to 72 hours. Furthermore, the husks are also allowed to dry out completely, keeping the viscous honey substance on them. However, this is a very difficult process, as it requires the coffee to retain a high sugar content level (also known as the “Brix Score”). This is only achieved through constant fertilization, proper altitude levels, and constant care making it a truly difficult method to master.

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Green Coffee Beans