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Coffee Cherry Tea

The coffee cherry tea is often overlooked in the coffee world. While the farmers and pickers know the importance, as consumers, we don't. The coffee cherry is actually the most important piece of the puzzle, as the pickers can only judge whether a coffee is ready or not based on the ripeness of the cherry. After the cherry is picked, it is cleaned and immediately removed via the washed processing method. From there, the coffee cherry is thrown to the side and used as fertilizer, as it has no other purpose. 

But, what if it does? 

Over the past four years, Arturo has worked with different farmers to find ways to use these coffee cherries to create a zero waste supply chain and most importantly, open up another stream of revenue for the farmers. During our visit to Ecuador during the summer of 2019, we finally found the secret formula - dry the cherries, dehydrate them completely, grind them down, and serve it as a tea. 

Once we found the formula, we knew we had to get it back to The States, so we did!

You now have the opportunity to try the tea - a product that has been a long time coming - a product that moves our vocation one step further. 

Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Features: Each loose-leaf bag of tea is packaged in convenient 4oz. pouches, good for approximately 50 eight ounce cups of tea. 

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Coffee Cherry Tea