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Our Story

A Mercer On Mission trip during the summer of 2016 spurred an unlikely friendship. Shane Buerster, a 20-year-old Mercer student, and Arturo Penaretta Romero, a 65-year-old Ecudadorian, set up a complex supply chain, pioneering the trade of coffee from El Oro, Ecuador, to the United States. The initial shipment of 4,000 pounds arrived on August 17, 2017.

El Oro, Ecuador

Lured by the fruits of gold, the mining industry has dominated El Oro’s economy for decades. Now, mines have reached maximum capacity. Resources are depleted, unemployment is rampant, and desperation has surfaced. El Oro needs an alternative. The answer is coffee. 

Our Mission

With coffee plants shaded by orange, banana, and/or cacao trees, the micro-lot, high altitude farms are able to create a premium coffee. Our mission is to create a platform that enables the farmers to sell their specialty coffees on a global scale. We pay our farmers fair-trade prices, donate organic fertilizers, and openly market them to American consumers.

Our Freshness Guarantee

Our green coffee beans are sourced from our farmer’s plantations in Ecuador every summer. We store the green coffee beans in our climate controlled roasting facility where we also roast and package all of our products. Additionally, we roast our coffee weekly, ensuring you receive the freshest product possible. We are committed to quality - we are committed to the farmers of Ecuador - we are committed to you.

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