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Edgar Mora’s plantation is home to plants from Arturo’s own greenhouse, which is operated in Zaruma, Ecuador. The two had been friends for a while, so Edgar knew Arturo was interested in starting his own coffee plantation. When Edgar had the opportunity to begin growing and harvesting coffee, he turned to Arturo for extra help. They focus on producing high quality, specialty coffee. Shane was introduced to the plantation in the Summer of 2018, but had to wait another year before any coffee could be purchased. In the Summer of 2019, we purchased Edgar’s first batch of coffee, and this sweet yet bold product arrived to the states just a few short weeks later. 


Edgar’s micro-lot plantation is enveloped by massive banana, plantain, and orange trees. Each plant has ample shade, ensuring a slow maturation process and high quality yield. Additionally, the plantation sits at nearly 5,000ft in altitude and has the perfect slope. Truly, it is the perfect place to grow coffee, and with Arturo’s expertise leading the way, Edgar has high hopes for the future! 

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