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The Variety Pack


From Milton Rivadeneira's plantation in Northern - Imbabura, Ecuador, to The Jaya Family's plantation in southwest - Las Lajas, Ecuador, all of our coffees have a distinct taste. 

With this variety pack, you will receive a 12oz bag of freshly roasted coffee from the four farmers below, allowing you to taste the small nuances between our different coffees!

Milton Rivadeneira

Ramiro Pauta

Alfredo Ochoa

The Jaya Family

A few notes to consider: 

1. Milton Rivadeneira's coffee will be a washed processed, dark roast. 

2. The Jaya Family's coffee will be a washed processed, medium roast. 

3. Alfredo Ochoa's coffee will be a honey processed, medium roast. 

4. Ramiro Pauta's coffee will be a natural processed, dark roast. 

Basic Tasting Guide: 

Washed Process = Nutty, Dark Chocolate Notes

Honey Processed = Subtle Floral & Milk Chocolate Notes

Natural Processed = Smooth, Floral Notes

Ordering Guide: 

1. Remember, you will be receiving 4 12oz bags of coffee - one from each farmer above. 

2. Select Your Grind Option. 

3. Select Free Shipping at Checkout!


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