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The Coffee Grinder Box Collector

Coffee Selection

Made in Quito, Ecuador, this hand-crafted wooden coffee grinder box has dimensions of 3.25'' x 3.25'' x 5''. This box can safely store and protect a variety of items, especially your Z Beans Coffee pouches or Z Cups!

The Z Beans Coffee Grinder Box Collector will add a flare to any kitchen countertop, as well as a perfect spot to store your 2oz pouches or Z Cups. 

You can purchase the box separate or pair it with 10 2oz pouches or 10 Z Cups.  

*Note - The 2oz pouches are perfectly portioned for one 12 cup pot of coffee. You simply tear or cut open the bag, then pour your ground coffee into your coffee filter. 

*Note - The Coffee Grinder Box Collector can hold 3 2oz pouches or 6 Z Cups at one time. The additional pouches and Z Cups would need to be stored separately prior to adding into the box. 

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