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The "Z" | Zaruma, Ecuador

Since Shane’s trip with Mercer On Mission during the summer of 2016, Zaruma, Ecuador, has become our second home. For one month out of every year, we stay with Arturo and his family at their home in the middle of the city. Initially, our trips to Zaruma would involve Arturo and Shane solely working on the import of coffee. But, as our supply chain continues to develop and become more sustainable, we have been able to explore Zaruma, immerse ourselves into the culture, and meet many amazing people. 

We are grateful to have the support of the local community, including their beloved mayor, Jhansy Lopez. Because of the community's support, we were able to open our chocolate factory in Zaruma in January of 2020, enabling us to take our mission - of creating sustainable solutions for the hard working people of Ecuador - one step further.

From the beautiful mountains - to the gorgeous sunsets - to the majestic waterfalls - to the incredible coffee - to a second family, Zaruma will always be the home of Z Beans.

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