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Through the selflessness of Ramiro, we were introduced to one of his family members, Roberto. Roberto is a young farmer with a strong passion for anything related to coffee. Much like Ramiro, Roberto knows a lot about the process of roasting coffee. We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Roberto for the first time in Pinas, Ecuador, at the processing facility. Immediately, we could see his passion for coffee and his long-term commitment to the trade. Upon trying his Arabica variety, Catucai, we knew this was a coffee we had to bring back to The States. His passion and commitment made the partnership even easier. The first 2,500lbs of Roberto’s coffee arrived to the port of Savannah in August of 2019. 


Grown at over 7,000 ft in altitude in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, Roberto’s coffee is a product of highly favorable geographical elements plus a true passion for the industry. His Catucai variety is bold and packed with flavor. Though he may not have the oldest or most developed plantation, he has a fantastic foundation that is primed for growth well into the future.

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