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Our Process

Our corporate headquarters can be found in the heart of downtown Macon, GA! This is where all of our coffee is stored, roasted, and packaged; where our sandwiches, pastries, and other food items are made fresh with the highest quality ingredients; and where our team works daily to provide the best customer experience possible.

The Z Beans Roasting Facility

From a popcorn popper, to a chicken rotisserie roaster, to two production roasters, our supply chain has changed significantly since we started roasting during the fall of 2017. But, with our roasting facility in downtown Macon, we have a reliable foundation for roasting, importing, and distribution. The facility is located at the back of the Lofts at Silver, beneath the Piedmont Brewery at 450D Third Street. While some may call the 2,200 square foot space a basement, we call it the Roasting Facility! 

At the roastery, we have two coffee roasters: the Diedrich IR-12 that allows us to roast 25lbs every 10 minutes - just a few steps up from the popcorn popper which only put out 11 ounces every hour! We also have a small experimental, blend roaster - a Primo 7lb roaster, which allows us to create unique blends for businesses! 

In this same building, we have our corporate offices where our team works daily to constantly push Z Beans forward.

Last but certainly not least, we have our coffee production area where our production team makes and fills bags of coffee, Cold Brew and Iced Espresso concentrates, Ready-to-Go Iced Lattes, and Z Cups. packages them up, and then prepares them for distribution. These are then packaged and prepared for distribution by our delivery team.

One of the unique opportunities the basement brought forth was the ability to hold events. While we have rented out the space for private corporate parties and meetings, we have used it to hold events of our own - namely, the Roast Your Own Blend event. Here, participants have the opportunity to specially blend their choice of washed, honey, and natural processed beans. To schedule your own RYOB tour, please email us at If you want your own personal blend but don’t have the time to come to one of the RYOB events, don’t worry - you can create your own blend on the website, and we will blend it, roast it fresh, and ship it to you!

If you have any other questions about the roasting facility, or would like to schedule a time to tour, please let us know! You can email us at!

The Z Beans Production House

Located in the same space as our Roasting Facility, the Z Beans Production House is where our production team works daily to craft our speciality Z Beans sandwiches and food items using the freshest, high quality ingredients possible.

All of these items are quality controlled, safely packaged, and promptly distributed to each of our shops. With everything kept internal, this process enables us to provide the highest quality food possible with the added bonus of increased efficiency in serving our customers in the shops!

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